Elemental Beings

From 17/01/2020 to 23/02/2020

Cuturi Gallery

solo show



Collaborating for a second time, world-renowned French contemporary and experimental artist Lionel Sabatté will showcase his latest works in an exclusive solo exhibition entitled Elemental Beings.

Elemental Beings is a continuation of Mind over Matter, Sabatté first exhibition in Singapore in 2018. His latest exhibition at Cuturi Gallery pays homage to the four natural elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. For instance, through Fire, his bronze creatures come to life, while through oxidation, Air takes on an important role in the process of his drawings. Earth and Water, through his cement mix, forms the base of his concrete bestiary.

Sabatté’s intention is to make us pause and reflect on our relationship with the living world and the environment that surrounds us. From each of these four natural elements and the creatures that are born from them, there is a message for each of us. Concrete as a material has played an important role in the development of human civilisation. To Sabatté, it is an analogy of change and evolution. Through his oxidised drawings of birds and felines, Sabatté emphasises the relevance of oxygen to our very survival, and in so doing, he raises our consciousness of the air that we breathe.

Fire is the most basic of energy source and throughout Man’s existence has played an important role in our evolution. We burn wood, coal and oil as fuel to power our existence. Sabatté’s bronze birds are fragile creatures, a timely reminder of the impact we have on our natural world and, hence, it is also our responsibility to take care of our environment.